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Scientists Grow Human Blood Vessels In A Petri Dish For 1st Time

by Wochit 19 January 2019
Scientists Grow Human Blood Vessels In A Petri Dish For 1st Time

According to a report by Digital Trends, a team of researchers has managed to grow human blood vessels in a lab for the first time, and even successfully managed to implant them into living mice. Josef Penninger, director of the Life Sciences Institute at the University of British Columbia, told Digital Trends, “We managed for the first time to grow human blood vessels from stem cells, using advanced bioengineering over many years of trials and error. The capillary blood vessels look, smell, and taste like human blood vessels: Hence we call them blood vessel organoids." Digital Trends reports that the researchers demonstrated a key pathway which could potentially prevent changes to blood vessels, which not only help trigger diabetes, but are also a major cause of death and morbidity.

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