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Plastic Surgeons Miss Signs of Body Image Disorders

by wochit 07 February 2017
Plastic Surgeons Miss Signs of Body Image Disorders

According to a new study, plastic surgeons are missing the signs of body dysmorphic disorder in potential patients seeking a cosmetic procedure.
Known as BDD, people with the condition perceive flaws in their physical appearance.
Conducted at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, the researchers surveyed three groups of 173 cosmetic professionals, including surgeons and dermatologists.
Their data also found a 2-percent prevalence of BDD in the general population, but a 10-percent prevalence in cosmetic surgery patients.
When compared to their interviews with professionals, only two-thirds of those surveyed encountered patients with BDD.
Although these professionals stated they consult their patients on body image problems, they did not do so regularly.

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