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List Of Possible Cancer Causing Foods

by Wochit 03 November 2018
List Of Possible Cancer Causing Foods

Over the past few years public health organizations, academic studies, and even governing bodies have connected some foods and drinks to an increased cancer risk. Business Insider published a list of 7 foods and beverages that can possibly increase your risk of getting the disease. The foods listed include: 1. Processed meat including hot dogs, sausages, and beef jerky 2. Red meat: Linked to colorectal cancer 3. Alcohol Business Insider explains "According to the National Cancer Institute, alcohol consumption has been linked to head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, and other cancers." 4. Dairy (the cancer risk is still being debated) Business Insider adds "Some studies have drawn conclusions that dairy consumption is a potential risk factor for several different types of cancer, such as testicular cancer and ovarian cancer."

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