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HPV Vaccine Rates Among U.S. Teenagers is Very Low

by Wochit 19 February 2018

A new study says that HPV vaccine rates for American teenagers is very low. Blue Cross Blue Shield says only just 29 percent have received the first round and only 43 percent of teens are up-to-date. ...

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Flu Vaccine Works Better Than Expected For Some

by Wochit 15 February 2018

On Thursday, health officials said that the flu vaccine is working better than doctors feared, but still is not especially effective. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that this y...

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Pediatrician Says 'Flu Just Spread Like Wildfire'

by Wochit 09 February 2018

Pediatricians in the United States say this year's flu season ranks among the toughest they've seen. 53 pediatric flu-related deaths have been reported from October through January 27. The season blos...

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Prostate Cancer Gets New Hope

by Wochit 09 February 2018

Some men with prostate cancer are left in a nerve-wracking state of uncertainty. Their cancer appears practically frozen, not spreading elsewhere but also not responding any further to treatment. Sadl...

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