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Skin Bacteria Can Fight Skin Cancer

by Wochit 14 March 2018

For years in the skin-care world, dirty skin equaled bad skin — even to the point of overcleansing. But recent science has turned the squeaky-clean axiom on its head as new research about the po...

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New Cholesterol Drug Lowers Heart Attack Risk

by Wochit 13 March 2018

According to a study, a new drug lowers heart attack and death risk by effectively reducing LDL cholesterol.Known as alirocumab, the drug is a human antibody cloned from immune cells.The study include...

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A High Fiber Diet is Good for Gut Bacteria

by Wochit 10 March 2018

Researcher have discovered why high fiber diets are beneficial for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.According to their study, high fiber promotes gut bacteria that helps blood glucose control.Tha...

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How Accurate Are Herpes Tests?

by Wochit 10 March 2018

Without an outbreak it is difficult to know whether or not someone as the STI herpes. Especially since most herpes testing is flawed. Most people have been exposed to oral herpes, HSV-1, in their life...

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