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More Pregnant Women Are Using Marijuana And Doctor...

by Wochit 18 January 2019

The use of alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy declined during the years 2002 and 2006. But as more US states legalize marijuana, research indicates that more pregnant women are using the drug. So...

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Scientists Developing Birth Control Patch That Las...

by Wochit 17 January 2019

A team of scientists is developing a new birth control patch that could someday provide contraception for six months at a time, NBC News reported. The patch was recently tested in rats, and the resear...

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Vaccines You Should Get As An Adult

by Wochit 16 January 2019

Even if you’ve had all your childhood vaccinations, there are plenty of reasons to get vaccinated when you’re an adult, here are some of the common vaccines you should consider.

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Up to 84,000 Americans Hospitalized With Flu In Pa...

by Wochit 12 January 2019

According to Reuters, the CDC said that an estimated 69,000 to 84,000 Americans were hospitalized due to the flu in the last three months. The CDC estimates that the nation saw one of the worst flu ou...

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