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Patients Get Cancer From One Donor's Organs

by Wochit 19 September 2018

According to CNN, four European patients have developed breast cancer after receiving organ transplants from the same donor. The patients developed breast cancer years after their transplants,and thre...

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Coca-Cola Might Be Jumping On The CBD Bandwagon

by Wochit 19 September 2018

modeled by Desiree Jenkins; modeled by Kylie Frink; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez; modeled by Osha Waiters; photographed by Refinery29. Mere months after Coca-Cola announced that it was experiment...

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First Gut Bacteria May Affect Future Ability To Fi...

by Wochit 19 September 2018

Differences in the first microorganisms that arrive in the gut after birth, and their order of arrival... have a lasting impact on how gastrointestinal system looks later in life, according to a study...

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Recovery From Brain Damage and Stroke

by Wochit 18 September 2018

According to UPI, Activity, rather than prolonged rest, may lead to quicker recovery from brain damage, including from a stroke, according to a study with mice. Columbia University researchers recentl...

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