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Aspirin Use Lowers Risk For Ovarian, Liver Cancers...

by Wochit 05 October 2018

Oct. 4 (UPI) -- The regular use of aspirin was associated with a reduced risk of two deadly cancers -- ovarian and hepatocellular carcinoma, which starts in the liver. Two studies published Thursday i...

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Should You Still Get A Flu Shot?

by Wochit 04 October 2018

October is the beginning of flu season, and many have flocked to their local pharmacies to get flu shots. However, is it too late in the game to get one and for it to actually be effective?

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Flu Season 2018 Is Underway

by Wochit 04 October 2018

Flu season is here. You may have heard about how deadly last year's was, which caused over 80,000 American deaths, including the deaths of 180 children.

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The FDA Approves New Skin Cancer Fighting Drug

by Wochit 01 October 2018

According to Business Insider, the US Food and Drug Administration just approved a new treatment for a specific form of skin cancer. The new medication, Libtayo, is produced by Regeneron and Sanofi, a...

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