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Provide Eye Nutritional Essentials Enriched with Lutein + Zeaxanthin, & Bilberry Extract

Lutein and Zeaxanthin protect your eyes from harmful high-energy lights waves like ultra-violets rays in sunlight. Research published in Nutrition and Metabolism found that a nutritional supplement containing lutein and zeaxanthin effectively increased the optical density of the macular pigment in eyes of the majority of human subjects. In addition, Bilbery extract contains multiple strong antioxidants that support eye health, eliminate circulation problem and decrease inflammation.

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Diabetes induces eye problems with time, damaging tiny blood vessels inside the retina and leads to vision loss. HEALTHY-BETICTM EYE WELLNESS, provides essentials to reduce cellular stress, improve energy production process and micro-vascular system in eye, such as Vitamin A, an essential component of rhodopsin, a protein responsible to absorb light in retinal receptors, Vitamin E, help to resist blood cell components adhering to blood vessels. HEALTHY-BETICTM EYE WELLNESS, provides series of antioxidants that are essentials to keep eye safe in highly energetic photon activities involved in vision such as vitamin A, Vitamin E, Alpha-lipoic acid, lutein, zeaxanthin, and bilberry extract.

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