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Being Rocked To Sleep Is Good For Adults Too

by Wochit 25 January 2019

New studies show that if adults are rocked to sleep like infants they sleep better. Mice and healthy young people also have deeper slumber after being rocked. According to Gizmodo, the rocking even se...

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Loneliness Is A Side Effect Of Negative Social Med...

by Wochit 23 January 2019

According to, "Negative experiences online may bring about higher rates of loneliness among social media users... Every 10 percent increase in negative interactions on social media made the st...

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Can Marijuana Peak In 2019?

by Wochit 22 January 2019

On November 7, the day after Democrats seized control of the House with what would become a 40-seat swing, President Trump fired his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. That day, at his home in Californi...

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Scientists Grow Human Blood Vessels In A Petri Dis...

by Wochit 19 January 2019

According to a report by Digital Trends, a team of researchers has managed to grow human blood vessels in a lab for the first time, and even successfully managed to implant them into living mice. Jose...

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